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An International Research Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences

ISSN: 2395-2423 (Online)
ISSN: 2319-7889 (Print)


Research is an integral part of higher education system. It brings to light recent innovations and findings that help teachers, researchers, students and all aspirants in the advancement of knowledge. Ars Artium is a platform to realise this vision. It is a peer-reviewed international research journal published annually in the month of January. Its first publication started in January 2013 in print version, and from 2015 it is also published online covering the wide areas of research papers in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences. Book reviews and poems also get their space in the journal. All published research papers, book reviews and poems are freely accessible for study and research purposes.

Ars Atrium has marked a significant milestone in higher education by getting recognised worldwide and indexed to a number of important indexing databases and directories and also getting impact factor. It is an important organ of the World Association of Authors and Researchers meant for bringing world authors and researchers together for the purpose of promoting research, creativity and exchange of scholarly knowledge and scientific innovations.

Contributions to the journal are open for all members of the World Association of Authors and Researchers as well as all teachers and researchers in the fields of English Literature, Indian English Literature, American Literature, African Literature, African-American Literature, Canadian Literature, Australian Literature, Commonwealth Literature, Comparative Literature, English Language Teaching, ICT in ELT, Applied Linguistics, Comparative Linguistics, Translation Studies, Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Cross-cultural Studies, Development Studies, Film Studies, Folklore Studies, Philosophy, Spirituality, Economics, History, Anthropology, Indology, Sociology, Psychology, Home Science, Political Science, International Relations, Geography, Human Rights, Peace Studies and all allied disciplines within the purview of Humanities and Social sciences.

Founder and editor-in-chief
Dr. Vijay Kumar Roy
Northern Border University, Arar
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


The World Association of Authors and Researchers (WAAR), a wing of AEW Foundation®, is an international academic society that endeavours to promote research, creativity and exchange of scholarly knowledge and scientific innovations. It encourages the writers, poets, editors, critics, translators, reviewers and researchers in their scholarly pursuits. The members of the Society are extended all possible supports to publish research papers, creative writings,

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